Sook Lim

Teaching Interests

  • Digital information literacy
  • Social aspects of information technology
  • Community engagement concering literacies
  • Research methods
  • Management of libraries and human resources
  • User information behavior and user services
  • Academic libraries

Courses and Syllabi

LIS7050 Research Methods [pdf]
LIS7700 Management of Libraries and Information Centers [pdf]
LIS7270 Information Literacy in the Digital Age [pdf]
LIS7620 Literacy and Community Engagement [pdf]
LIS7690 Information Technology, People and Society [pdf]
LIS7510 Database Management (2005-2010)
LIS7040 Reference and Online Services (2004-2005)
LIS7010 Introduction to Library and Information Science (2004-2005)
    LIS7620, Literacy and Community Engagement

    This course is designed to enhance students’ learning experience and their sense of civic responsibility, not only through readings and discussions, but also by engaging service activities for a local community or library. This course focuses on community engagement and a variety of literacy issues. It provides students with educational opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills obtained from class to a local-community through direct service or project-based community engagement. A minimum of 25 hours of direct service or service-learning project over the course of the semester is required. Students will closely work with people in a local community or library to deliver the tangible outcomes through a project by the end of the course.

    LIS7270, Information Literacy in the Digital Age
    This course explores a wide range of perspectives, discourses and research studies regarding literacy in the digital age. The course readings and activities will bring into question what it means to be “information literate” in constantly changing digital environments. In turn, you will develop your own perspectives of information literacy essential to promoting or teaching information literacy and full civic participation in a networked society.
    Major topics include: 1)Background of New Literacies Studies and new digital landscape; 2)A variety of perspectives on literacy; 3) Core skills, activities and practices; and 4)Reframing information literacy and implications.


Nominated for the 2010-2011 Faculty Teaching-Advising Award
St. Catherine University, Winter 2011
Nominated for the 2008-2009 Faculty Teaching-Advising Award
St. Catherine University, Winter 2009


Student Achievements

Catherine Bloomquist
Bloomquist, C. (2015).Reflecting on reflection as a critical component in service learning, Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, 56(2)
Catherine's article grew from her excellent reflective essay for a Directed Study with me for LIS 7620, Literacy and Community Engagement (a service-learning course) in Fall 2013.
Catherine Bloomquist
Bloomquist, C. (2014). Generation X Librarians: Mentoring for Retention, May/June Issue, Public Libraries
This article grew from her excellent final paper in my LIS 7700, Management of Libraries and Information Centers in Fall 2012.
It was selected for First Place in the annual Public Libraries feature award-writing contest. According to Kathleen Hughes, Editor of Public Libraries, “the contest was open to all feature articles written by a public library employee for the 2014 volume year. The award will be offered at the American Library Association Annual Conference in June, 2015.
Amy Mars
Mars, A. (2012). Library Service to Homeless Patrons Public Libraries. 51(2).
Amy wrote this excellent article as her final paper for my management course,LIS7700 for Fall 2010.
Tanya Cothran
Cothran, T.(2011).Google Scholar Acceptance and Use among Graduate Students: A Quantitative Study, Library & Information Science Research. 33(4), 293-301.
This project grew from her final paper for LIS 7960, Fall 2008 and her independent study with me, Fall 2009.
Tanya Cothran
Cothran, T.(2010).Google Scholar Use and Acceptance among Graduate Students, Poster session, American Library Association Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.
David Payne
Payne, D. (2010). Harnessing Conflict, Library Administration and Management. 24 (1). 6-11. This article was based on his final paper for LIS7700, Fall 2008.
Anne Mostad-Jensen and Elizabeth Nelson
Mostad-Jensen, A and Nelson,E.(2008). Sustainable Development, Design, and Practices in Libraries, Poster session, American Library Association Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA. Their project was based on their final paper for LIS 7700, Winter 2007.

Independent Study

Adam Bezdicek for her independent study, Spring 2016
Topic:Information literacy in the context of critical thinking
Amanda Pruka for her independent study, Fall 2014
Topic:Information Literacy in Higher Education
Tanya Cothran for her independent study, Fall 2009
Topic: Google Scholar Use and Acceptance among Graduate Students
Nicole Pankiewicz for her independent study, Winter 2007
Topic: An Examination of Newspaper Photographs of Female Politicians